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First you spend hours towel drying your bike. Then when you start to ride, water streaks all over the chrome and paint. The Air Force Blaster thoroughly dries your bike all over...Water has no place to hide.™ The Air Force Blaster lets you spend more time riding, less time cleaning.


The Air Force Blaster motorcycle dryer was specifically designed for cleaning and drying motorcycles with dry, filtered warm air (about 20-25 degrees above ambient temperature). The Air Force Blaster will cut cleaning time by 80%! The Air Force Blaster is the quickest and most efficient method to dry motorcycles thoroughly and eliminates water spots. Seven to ten minutes is all it takes to quickly and effectively dry motorcycles depending on the time of year.

The Blaster is the hottest new motorcycle care product to come out in decades and completely safe for all paint and chrome finishes.

  • Blows warm, dry, clean, filtered air
  • Eliminates water spots
  • Safer, more effective than compressed air or leaf blowers
  • Rugged all steel construction
  • 4.0 Peak HP motor (29,000fpm)
  • 10 ft heavy duty hose
  • Heavy duty rubber blower nozzle
  • Plus four interchangeable attachments
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Great for shows
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • £170.37 plus Vat plus P&P - Buy it now through our online Shop

    The AirForce Master Blaster

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    The Airforce Master Blaster features a total of 8 peak horsepower. Two twin fan, 4.0 Peak horsepower motors that deliver up to 58,500 feet per minute of clean, filtered, warm airflow. Two switches allow users to set the airflow and temperature at 3 different levels. Use either motor (front or rear) independently or both simultaneously for maximum power. Five different nozzles enable users to position airflow where desired and eliminate water spots.

    master blaster
  • 8 Peak Horsepower Dryer unit on wheels
  • 12 foot cord
  • Rugged all Steel Construction
  • 2 Motors - 2 Stage Dual Fan - 2 Speeds - 2 Temperatures
  • 10ft x 1.5" Heavy Duty Hose
  • 19 Amps Heavy Duty Neoprene Blower
  • Nozzle Air concentrator
  • Air streamer tool
  • Micro adaptor
  • Male/male adaptor
  • E/Z Change Foam Filter
  • 16lbs in weight
  • Plus attachments to reach those hard to get places.
  • £329.00 plus Vat plus P&P - Buy it now through our online Shop


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    For riders who want an affordable, high-quality, high-performance, American-made, super-compact portable, Metro is proud to introduce the all-new, all-steel Blaster® SideKick™!

    side kick

    It features a powerful 1.3 HP motor that pumps out 18,000 feet-per-minute of warm (25-30 degrees above ambient) filtered air that will thoroughly dry a full-size road bike in minutes. Yet, at a mere 9.5" high and weighing just a hair over three lbs., the SideKick™ is small enough and light enough to ride comfortably in your saddlebag or backpack.

    The SideKick™ is equally at home in the driveway or on the road and makes an economical pack-along to complement your home-based Blaster® or Master Blaster®!

  • Sturdy All Steel Construction
  • 1.3HP Motor
  • Airflow 18,000 ft/min
  • Single Stage/single fan
  • 8 Amps/950 Watts
  • Heavy duty Neoprene Blower and Air-Flare Nozzles
  • 14 inch Heavy Duty 3 Conductor Cord
  • 3lbs in Weight
  • E/Z Change Foam Filter
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • £79.31 plus Vat plus P&P - Buy it now through our online Shop



    Dyna Beads

    DYNA BEADS™ is the reliable dynamic tyre-balancing solution that will smooth out your ride and lengthen the life of your tyres. * A glass-smooth ride. * Longer tyre life. * Easy to apply for the life of the tyre. * No ugly spoke or rim weights to damage custom alloys. * Proven performance. * 100% solid, high-density Ceramic. * Impervious to moisture, won’t clump. * 100% environmentally friendly. * Re-usable, won’t grind down. * Have a low coefficient of friction and react quickly to balance changes. * Are over 150% heavier than powdered media, 60% heavier than glass media. The smaller the volume in your tyres, the more efficient the product is.

    Read more about DYNA BEADShere

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