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114ci of pure adrenalin rush pulling just short of three G's as she launches, travelling sixty foot in 1.3 seconds and a current ET of 9.7 seconds reaching 138mph in the quarter mile. The Engine is a 

Summer Nationals Santa Pod Raceway & She loves the first outing at Shakespeare County Raceway - Click the images below to enlarge them...

Road Runner 1 set up for 2003

S&S crank cases, S&S Flywheels, S&S Crank Pin, Carrillo rods, Axtell Cylinders 3 13/16 Finned, STD Heads 3-13/16 Stage IV Heads, STD Raised Ex. port Option, Dual Plug Option, S&S Rocker Box covers, Zippers Pro-flow Oil Pump, Red Shift Cams, Adjustable Push Rods, Jims Roller Rockers, Jims Tappets, S&S Super D carburettor fitted with twin thunder jets, Vthunder Ignition System, Dyna 4000 Twin Fire Coil, Bandit Super clutch, CCD Frame & Alloy Accessories, CCD Race/Exhaust System, Front Brake Single P/M Race calliper with Goodridge hose, Rear Brake Single P/M Race calliper with Goodridge hose, Suzuki 250 front Forks & Front wheel with Continental Conti force 110/70/zr17, ZRX 1100 Rear wheel with Pirelli Dragon 160/60/ZR17

We ran this bike for two seasons in the Super Twins Drag Racing Series with a best time of 11.03 seconds & 125 mph the best power we achieved was 121bhp at the rear wheel. We found it ran faster with 115bhp. We decided to give the motor a refresh and a new paint job for last years season, but due to me having to have a major refresh on my body thought it best to lay her up till this season and run the 883r just to keep my hand in.

Well at last the old girl lives again the first outing at Shakespeare County Raceway was a good shakedown. Having started her up on the workbench a few times and letting her cool down to bed the rings in, we hoped to run her in on the Dyno but still putting the bike together at six on Friday night, before setting off for the track time was against us. We arrived around ten to be greeted by the Supertwins Harley riders beer flowed into the small hours! The first run of the day was a fairly gentle run only revving her to 5500 through the gears, on the run off road I opened her up and let the overrun bed in the engine a few times. Engine run in we decided to give her a more aggressive run.

I had a bye run so no panic just take it easy as I approached the lights my left leg cramped up I stood up and tried to shake it off, as I left the line my leg seized not being able to get it onto the foot peg what a disaster I ran most of the track in first gear. Well she was definitely run in now so full power for the illuminations I got drawn against Chris Mott on his V Rod as the wind blew somebody off their bike the previous day they decided to run 1/8 track much to my dismay. We drew up to the line taking my time I let him stage first the lights changed and we were off he reacted 100th of a second faster than me crossing the line I thought I might have pipped him to the post as I was gaining on him all the way but alas he beat me by 7000th of a second a full track and I would have been through to the next round but we were heading home.

Been so busy not had a chance to update the web pages so a few late nights are called for! the last two meets were interesting the bikes been running real strong the best time I've made is 11.4 @121 MPH tried a few changes to get a bit more power, the primary chain tensioner let go in the first meet which made a mess of the chain we managed to put a new one in and take up the slack on a very baggy chain. The 60' time's have come down to the 1.7s so everything is looking good for the elusive 10 second run at Santa Pod on the 27th 28th September.

Well the seasons over the 10 second run still eludes us we have certainly learnt a lot over the past season changing gearing and carb setup we gained some MPH by fitting an anti fuel foaming float bowl onto the Super D carb. I had a major disaster at the finals trying to launch by pinging the clutch and driving the bike out from beneath me not the best way to end the season fortunately the lanyard did it's job and turned the engine off minor abrasions to the bars and foot peg and a broken clutch leaver but I learnt some very useful information Teflon coated underpants if you launch at 7000 and above other information we will have to save for the next track day, which will hopefully be this weekend coming weather permitting. We ended up joint 5th which we were pleased with considering the amount of Jap bikes that are hitting the 10 seconds with ease.

Cafe Racer In Action Hill Climbing!

Hogbitz Sponsors James Goodman

This season on this bike we are now fitting 17inch wheels. We have managed to use a Bandit 1200 front wheel with original Harley discs and brakes and will use a 600 back wheel with some mods to attach the brake. It's looking really good I think and is already lighter! We removed the front sprocket (had to drill it off !) it's being replaced with change drive. We Have managed to get some local sponsorship for the new season thanks to Brian and Hogbitz, with replacement wheel bearings and a race exhaust

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